Qewam Digital Entrepreneurship Platform

About The Platform

Qewam is at the forefront of digital entrepreneurship with its advanced integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS). The platform features a robust core that supports essential functionalities such as AI, authentication, and subscription management, enhancing the startup experience for founders globally.

Alongside its core, Qewam offers six distinct products, each standing as a standalone SaaS solution, tailored to various aspects of the entrepreneurial journey.

Focused on research and development, Qewam leverages advanced data algorithms and machine learning to decrease startup failure rates, providing founders with critical insights for strategic decisions. The company is dedicated to creating a comprehensive digital environment that nurtures startup growth and fosters innovation across the global entrepreneurial landscape.

Key Features

  • Technical Features:
    • Integrated Platform as a Service: Qewam's platform is designed as an iPaaS, offering a robust foundation for its various SaaS products, ensuring seamless integration and scalability.
    • Comprehensive Architecture: The platform operates as a multi-tenant system with a centralized database, providing consistent performance and management for all products.
    • Cloud Services: Qewam is hosted on multiple cloud service providers, including AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, providing reliable infrastructure and global reach.
    • APIs and Integrations: The platform utilizes GraphQL and REST API for seamless data management and offers a range of integrations:
      • Communication: Zoom API for video conferencing, Google Meet integration for video calls, and Google Calendar integration for booking and availability checks.
      • Storage: AWS S3 for cloud storage, Google Drive integration to link user storage.
      • Notifications: Ably API for real-time notifications, AWS SES for cloud-based email services.
      • Media: YouTube and Vimeo API integrations for streamlined media management.
      • Security: SAML2 for secure SSO authentication.
    • Deployment and Monitoring: Kubernetes is used for admin-controlled deployments via PhpK8s KubernetesCluster, and Sentry is integrated for bug tracking.
    • AI and Machine Learning: The platform features a machine learning core for data processing and an AI module, with OpenAI ChatGPT integration for advanced functionalities.
    • Laravel Ecosystem: Qewam leverages Laravel’s first-party packages, including Laravel Nova for the project admin panel, Laravel Forge for server management and deployment, Laravel Socialite for social authentication, Laravel Cashier for subscription management via Stripe, Laravel Horizon to monitor Redis queues, and Laravel Pulse to monitor application performance.
  • Product Features:
    • iPaaS Core: The platform's core offers comprehensive management features such as subscription management, authentication, team management, AI capabilities, and communication features, all of which serve as foundational modules for Qewam’s various SaaS products.
    • SaaS Products: Qewam offers a range of SaaS products that cater to different aspects of the entrepreneurial journey, providing founders and teams with tools and resources to manage programs, educational roadmaps, deliverables, and other operational needs.
    • Customizability: Each SaaS product can be tailored to meet specific needs, ensuring that founders and teams have access to solutions that align with their unique goals and objectives.
    • Innovation and Training: The platform supports a variety of programs and workshops, empowering entrepreneurs to enhance their skills, explore new technologies, and advance their businesses.

My Role

  • Contributed to the core development of Qewam’s integrated Platform as a Service (iPaaS), ensuring seamless integration with various SaaS products and enhancing the digital startup ecosystem.
  • Led backend development efforts, designing and implementing scalable, efficient, and robust solutions for various products.
  • Integrated diverse systems and services, including GraphQL and REST APIs, along with numerous third-party integrations such as Zoom, YouTube, and Joan API.
  • Implemented comprehensive security measures, including SAML2 SSO authentication, to protect user data and ensure compliance with global data protection regulations.
  • Collaborated with product managers and stakeholders to define product roadmaps, set technical standards, and ensure continuous innovation.
  • Managed server administration and deployment, leveraging Laravel Forge for efficient server management and PhpK8s KubernetesCluster for controlled deployments.
  • Monitored project performance, utilizing tools such as Laravel Horizon to monitor Redis queues, Laravel Pulse for application performance tracking, and Sentry for bug tracking.
  • Writing unit and feature tests to ensure robust, reliable code and maintain code quality standards.
  • Ensured adherence to best practices and coding standards, facilitating consistent quality across the development team.
Qewam Digital Entrepreneurship Platform
iPaaS, AI, ML, Subscription Management, SaaS Products

Tech Wrap-up

  • The Qewam platform's integrated iPaaS supports a diverse range of SaaS products, utilizing a comprehensive technical stack. It leverages GraphQL and REST APIs to facilitate smooth communication between products, and utilizes various cloud services from AWS, Alibaba Cloud, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • Integrations with numerous APIs and services, including Ably, Zoom, YouTube, and Joan, enhance both functionality and user experience.
  • The platform also utilizes Laravel ecosystem packages, including Forge, Nova, and Horizon, ensuring efficient server management and monitoring.
  • The technical infrastructure of Qewam's iPaaS provides a robust backbone for its suite of digital solutions.